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Our Mission at Luna Rosa Medi Spa is to create a peaceful atmosphere by focusing on health and wellness through the use of natural products and healing services. We believe in the interconnectedness of body, mind and soul and we strive to help nurture that connection. We offer treatments designed to satisfy the whole body, provided by highly trained staff in the field of massage therapy, aesthetics and skincare as well as a full range of body therapies including SlimWave Technologies and Infrared Therapies. Our on-going goal is to exceed the expectations of our clientele with hands-on professional service. Luna Rosa Medi Spa is for those of us who wish for peace in the world and opt to start from within.

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Men, indulge yourself in the simple pleasures of pampering. Facials, manicures, hair removal and more, await you in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Slimwave inch loss technology

Change your body, change your life!

Our unique SlimWave treatments give you the muscle-toning benefit of a complete workout. All this in only one 45 minute private and relaxing treatment!

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At Luna Rosa MediSpa we guide you in selecting an experience that creates the optimum benefit for you.

Relax, Rejuvenate and Results...

Relax, with one of our spa treatments and allow us envelope you in peace. They include, Balinese massages, manicures, pedicures, facials just to name a few. Rebalance your body is rebalancing your life.

Rejuvenate, let our professionally trained medical technician Rejuvenate your skin with a medical peel. Let your true self shine through.

Results, try our Slim Wave EMS treatment and loose up to 3 inches in your first session. Also experience our infratherapy to detoxify your body and increase your life vitality!

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Youthful Looking Skin with Biophora

Straightforward, easy to use and effective medically supervised skin care is the hallmark of the Biophora system. Biophora is formulated on the principle that technically advanced skin care doesn’t have to be a regimen of expensive and complex steps to attain healthy, toned and more youthful looking skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It withstands tremendous exposure to elemental factors: sun, wind, and extreme temperatures, as well as the effects of internal and topical nutrient and moisture deficiency. Biophora is designed to correct as well as defend the skin from the impact of these factors. This unique system safely, but aggressively exfoliates while replacing essential nutrients.

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